Saturday, May 21, 2011

Eat Right to Stay Healthy

How are you eating?

Do you know what foods go together to make and keep your body lean and healthy?

Do you think eating a hamburger and french fries is a healthy meal because you have a few tomatoes on it?  

Did you know you can eat a hamburger every now and then or anything else you want to eat?

I know I am asking you a lot of questions but I have good reason. Because at one time I didn't know the answers either.
 I was eating  foods wrong..... Let me explain.

 We all know that eating Hamburgers and french fries is unhealthy, but yet we still eat them!
With today's hustle and bustle of everyday life we tend to forget about the number one thing that is important.
" YOU"!!!!

We are so busy working, taking care of our families, rushing around from one end of the day to the next. That we don't take the time for ourselves. For starters.... People do not eat right anymore. Fast food and Restaurants seem to be number one. Since there doesn't seem to be enough time to do any home made cooking. Therefore we need to improvise add other things that can help to restore out bodies from the inside out . Supplement's, lotions and potions is what we use. So in that being said then make sure to get the right products that do help.
In my research of some things I will narrow down a few to save you even more time and possibly money.

What is the first way to maintain a healthy body and skin?
Let's start with Water.

By starting out your day first thing in the morning you should have a 6-8 oz. glass of water. Before you do anything else.
Water will rejuvenate your body from the night before since it dehydrates some while your sleeping. The water will give you energy, waking up more easily and will help you to have your morning bowel movement easier, especially if you might have been experiencing constipation.
You can then thereafter have that cup of coffee you can't wait to wrap your lips around. Just don't put to much sugar in it. Try 1/2 teaspoon less today.
Water serves as a lubricant which allows joints to move properly and reduce friction.

Breakfast the most important part of your day
To start your day off right you must eat breakfast. This will get you out of that morning slump after drinking your glass of water. There are many things you can eat and prepare. Whether you are in a hurry or if you have time to cook. Either way, EAT SOMETHING!!!!

 Did you know that children who eat breakfast have better grades than those who don't? That's because they can focus and think better since their brain has energy. Unlike children that haven't eaten breakfast are still tired and weak. Food is energy for the brain.

Just do not include White bread that means no toast. You just woke up so you don't want to put yourself back to sleep again.

If you have to have bread then try eating ones with sprouted seeds or rye. If these are not to your liking then leave bread out all together .
Don't eat sweetened cereals either.

You can eat any food you want, Just know how to make them work together.
Eating the right kinds of foods make a world of difference for your body and skin. It is so simple and easy yet we tend not to go by it . In the mean time we end up with many illnesses, aches, pains and feeling TERRIBLE with grogginess, fatigue, light headed, dizzy, tired, sleepy, forgetful, confused, irritable, joints hurting, constipated, diarrhea, dry mouth, backache, shoulder pain, stomach ache, head ache, should I go on or do you get the point?

I'm not a food expert. I just have personal experience and have done some research about the way foods make you feel and how they can help you and/or hurt you.Thus, want to share this information with you.

Ever noticed how groggy and sleepy you feel after eating a Hamburger and French Fries? Did you ever ask why? Did you even notice?

You have combined Bread, potatoes and grease in one meal. While the lettuce and tomatoes are fine even the burger is okay, the others are not and is to much at one time to accommodate your inner body function. Bread, potatoes and grease turn to fat and sugar. 
Making you feel TERRIBLE.

Next time try this:

1) Eat the burger, lettuce, pickle and tomato but then don't get the fries, instead substitute it with a fruit or a yogurt.

Now you've made one change in your normal eating habits and that alone can help.

 That Bun on the Hamburger is going to make you sleepy, but this time you won't be "as" sleepy as you normally would since you eliminated the fries.

If you can eliminate the bun all together then do it and you will not get sleepy at all. But,  who eat's a burger without a bun, huh?

You can eat white bread every now and then just not as much as you  used to.

Eat 4-6 meals a day!
You've probably heard that diabetics should eat 6 small meals a day. That doesn't just pertain to them. It works for everyone.

Sometimes it is hard to eat 4-6 meals a day, because of our lifestyles. If you work you are allowed break time and lunch breaks, do you not? If you don't work
well I guess you have all day then!

Here's how you do it.

1) Get up 15-30 minutes early to give yourself time to eat a small breakfast.
 2) Fix some take along lunch and snacks. "No" chips and cookies allowed.
Later in this blog I will give you a Meal plan. you don't have to eat exactly what I put on the menu you can substitute it for something else in the same category though. Since our taste buds might not be the same. I'm only showing you some tips that can help you and showing you what works for me.